Warning: This recipe is in what I like to call “housewife” measurements. No disrespect to housewives anywhere, but hear me out. As a professionally trained baker and pastry chef, I’m supposed to weigh everything. Every. Little. Thing. In this recipe, I. Did. Not. So the measurements are in “small can, large can, a pinch and a handful”; think of it as if you’re reading a 1876 recipe. Shh. I don’t want to hear it. Ok, now keep reading!

This is a great dessert for the hot summer months, especially since corn is in season and you can get some really sweet, flavorful corn. I didn’t have any fresh corn, so I used canned corn which I also like because it’s canned at its peak. Nothing like fresh, but works both ways.

You can use any other spice in this other than Cardamom. Try Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Five Spice Powder, or simply Vanilla Beans. This dessert is gluten-free and could be made dairy-free by substituting the evaporated milk with soy/almond milk. And if you did all that, then it’s also Vegetarian because no eggs were used, just gelatin! Make it Vegan by using Agar Agar! Whew! Aren’t you all proud of Nelly the Bacon Lover?! 😉 

 Cardamom-Corn Pudding Recipe
1 gelatin packet, hydrated with a little water
1 large can of corn
1 small can of corn
3 cardamom pods
1 large can Evaporated Milk
1 small can Coconut Milk
a sprinkling of sugar to taste
a pinch of salt
vanilla paste to taste


Empty 1 packet of Gelatine into a small bowl and stir in some water to hydrate it!
In a medium saucepan, saute your corn with the Cardamom Pods for 3 minutes.

Add your “Leche Evaporada” or Evaporated Milk

Add your Coconut Milk
Add your Vanilla Paste*. Here is were you also add your dash of sugar and pinch of salt to taste!
Stir! (Heat-proof Spatula!)
Will it blend? Yes it will! Careful when blending hot liquids!

They tend to spatter up!
Strain right back into the saucepan. Make sure to get very little bit!

Silky, hot liquid 🙂 Add 2 tablespoons to your gelatin!

Stir this up and break up the gelatin. Whisk back into your pudding! Quickly pour into ramekins and refrigerate!

Finished Product, dusted with a healthy dose of Cinnamon!

*Vanilla Paste: If you’re using paste or natural beans, add them at the beginning to infuse flavor. If you’re using extract, add at the end before pouring into ramekins! This prevents the vanilla from evaporating from the hot liquid!

P.S.: 1 large can is equal to 15 oz. 1 small can is equal to 8 oz. 

Preferably refrigerate overnight. Enjoy! What are some of your favorite puddings? Have you ever had Corn Pudding before?

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  1. I have never had corn pudding, but this is the second recipe you have shared….I guess it is a sign I need to try it!! By the way, you had me at Cardamon!!!