This post will be a little different than planned, because today I want to share my April goals. I’ve never been the one to actually post goals, but I think April deserves it. It’s the beginning of Spring, it’s M.’s birthday month and by far, one of my favorite months. I have a few set goals for this month and having some accountability will help me follow through with them.

Goal #1 is to buy my Cooking with Books domain. Although the .com is already bought, I will just choose another one and go with it. Why is this a goal? Because I feel the need to upgrade and honestly, saying is getting old.

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This is was other AMAZING option Patti, over at Easton Place Designs designed for me! If you don’t know of Easton Place Designs, follow her on twitter @easton_place and check out her Etsy Shop above. She creates amazing stationery, cards, invitations, labels, stickers and prints. And of course, banners and logos catered precisely to your idea!

Goal #2: Take a Wine Course. First things first, I barely drink. I can honestly say I drink, on average about a drink a week, maybe less depending where I go that week. This was not always the norm in my life and actually came about last summer. Nothing specific happened, I just stopped drinking. I’ve had my fair share of hangovers and tequila shots and just don’t see the need in that anymore. Plus, health wise that amount of drinking is not a good idea. Well, so the wine course is just an incentive to learn more. The more I learn, the more I grow so this will be a fun experience! At CIA us bakers only had a small introduction to wines (actually, introduction to dessert wines), nothing compared to the intense 3 week course the culinary students had. I did attend many tastings including whiskey, tequila and other spirits, but I want an intense course, so this April will be the month for it! Wish me luck and hopefully after the class, I will be able to share some great pairings for food and wine!

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Wine Tasting, Colorado Springs, CO

Dorm Life: Wine and Pizza
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Benmarl Winery, Upstate New York

Goal #3: Train for the 10k in May. Now, those of you who KNOW me, know I don’t exercise. At all, not one tiny bit. Sure, I’ve worked in kitchens and ran up stairs and been on my feet for endless hours, but…that doesn’t really count. I just don’t ENJOY it. Props to those of you that do, but I love other things. Guess it’s a give and take kinda thing. So, you ask why would this baker want to even try to run a 10k? No reason other than that I want to see if I can do it. It’s in May so I need to walk-run and start training ASAP. Let’s see if at least I can make it halfway!

I don’t run, I walk.

Goal #4: Write Better. I’m buying the AP Style Guide Online and that’ll be a start to writing even better! Now, I need the same thing in Spanish. Which leads me to the 5th goal…

Writing? Notice my wine glass is filled with water 😉

Goal #5: Write More in Spanish. Although Spanish is my native tongue, I don’t write in Spanish. I barely have one sample article in Spanish and it was drafted from a translation I did from one of my English articles. But, I do need to write more in Spanish. So, I’m going to change the blogging schedule to include a day of Spanish writing.

Spanish Writers need more coffee!

New Blogging Schedule as of April 2011
Monday: Tool Spotlight
Tuesday: Baking 101
Wednesday: Spanish Post
Thursday: Fruit/Vegetable Focus
Saturday:Featured Blogger
Sunday: Restaurant Review/Critic (some might also be in Spanish!)

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  1. Good luck Nel!! I was definitely surprised to see a fitness goal in there 🙂 Hopefully once you get started, you will get addicted to the endorphins and find it easier to stick to it. And as for the Spanish post… remind your english readers they can either A) learn Spanish or B) use google translate to read the post 🙂

  2. You will rock out the 10k!!!! Just have fun with it, and don’t be discouraged by bad days;-) I trained for a half marathon, and definitely had a lot of bad days LOL! My body was not made to be a runner;-)