Microplane Zester/Grater
Picture from Creative Commons: http://search.creativecommons.org/?q=microplane

After owning one for a few years now, I ask myself how I lived without it!? This zester is “grate” for so much in the kitchen! But, did you know it wasn’t meant to be a kitchen tool at all? It was originally used to scrape and shape wood due to its sharpness. Somehow, it made its way into the kitchen and has permanently made it to cooks and bakers hearts alike.
Some of my favorite uses for it: zesting citrus into tiny jewels, shaving Parmesan into fluffy clouds, grating garlic, ginger & coconut; I’ve shaved chocolate with it, but only in cool climates. If I shaved chocolate with it on THIS island, it’d disappear in contact!
They’ve also come up with a few variations: Chocolate Shaver (of which I have 3 brand new ones for sale. If you’re interested in the DR, email me!) and Herb Mill. I own a Chocolate Shaver and must say it is AMAZING! The Herb Mill hasn’t reached my hands just yet, but I expect it to surpass my expectations.

Do you already own a Microplane? What do you love about it?

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  1. First of all the site is looking quite nice amiga! :)congrats on the upgrade!

    And yes I own this very zester and loveee it so much as you say is does all kinds of awesome… I also have the chocolate shaver (bought from you :p) but haven’t used it yet so I’ll let you knw how that goes.



  2. My microplane zester has a baby pink handle 🙂 I have a microplane box grater too, they sure make our lives easier.