…or better yet “How proud my Dad was to see one of his chickens laid a 3-yolk egg!”


My backyard: home of 3 lady Chickens, currently my Dad’s new hobby. Being the egg lover I am, I won’t ever complain about fresh, organic eggs. But, did you know that when a Chicken is laying an egg, she’ll cluck-cluck-cluck all through this event? And no, they don’t lay eggs during the afternoon, they cluck-cluck-cluck at around 6-7am. Right next to my window. This morning I recount the clucking issue with my dad and he says “You say the word and we’ll have them for dinner!”. So I ask you, dear friends, what do you prefer: fresh, organic eggs (plus the clucking early morning) or fresh, organic, free-range chicken meat? I have the life of these cluckers in my hands…WWPS (What Would PETA Say?)

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  1. Wow! That’s so weird, and really neat. For awhile I lived near some chickens and roosters.. it was hell in the morning.

  2. oooh fantastic! We are very excited to welcome two chickens into our ome next week. Mario & Luigi! The kids can’t wait for their eggs, lol.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love your blog. This one gave me smile. PETA would say “eat the eggs”. 🙂

  4. Whoa I’ve never seen an egg with 3 yolks! I eat organic eggs too, my parents have a huge backyard [7 dogs, the rabbits we talked about the other day and uncountable chickens and egg laying hens]. Those eggs are enjoyed by the whole family, just today I received 2 dozen. I don’t like those oversized runny eggs from the supermarket [just for baking]. We are lucky girls!

  5. We had a rather large (and busy) chicken coop on our family farm so we were fortunate enough to enjoy the best of both worlds. Although the chickens weren’t outside my bedroom window, the rooster made sure we were all up with the sun! lol In your situation I say keep enjoying the eggs and say “thank you” to the chickens for the eggs and the morning serenade. An early start to the day equals more time for work and play 🙂

  6. Triplets?
    I say keep the cluckers, enjoy the eggs. You’re a very talented writer Nelly and I’m expecting a lot from you in the coming months. We’re all watching and waiting!