One year ago…I was graduating from the Culinary Institute of America. After almost 2 years of living in Hyde Park, NY we all finally packed our bags/cars/boxes and headed out once again into the real world. Our graduation ceremony was extra special because our commencement speaker was Chef Emeril Lagasse!

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After I left New York, I traveled to Miami and stored my school books and winter clothes. Miami has always been my pit stop for storage and some family time. My mother’s side of the family lives here and I love spending time with them, specially my grandparents.

After a week in Miami, I headed back home for a month off before starting my new job. I arrived in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic for a fun time. It was already March-April so I also enjoyed some warm weather, which was quite refreshing after long New York winters.

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End of April came and went and I flew back over to Miami, packed a carry-on and got ready to attend my bestfriend’s wedding in Kansas! Flying into Missouri added another state to my list. While in Kansas, we had a great time at her wedding and were in charge of making the souvenirs: chocolate truffles! A variety of 3 truffles were made: orange marmalade, coffee bean, and maple fudge. A great detail to an amazing event!






After the wedding ended, I crossed from Missouri all the way to Massachusetts, Boston to be more precise. From Boston I took a 2 hour bus to Woodshole, and then a 45 minute ferry to Martha’s Vineyard, my new home for the summer. I settled in and got ready for the best summer of my life and the summer I would meet the man of my dreams, M. During the summer we visited both Boston and Nantucket.



The season ended in October and I headed back down to Miami for 2 days, to pack andย  unpack. I needed to get ready for the winter job in Charlottesville, VA. Crazy to even think I lived in VA for 3 short months! Ha! M. visited me during Thanksgiving and we spent a weekend in DC to epxlore. Due to not being very happy in my job, I left Charlottesville New Year’s Eve to Miami.


Here I “settled” in for….a few weeks and did some freelance writing but realized I missed M. too much and the Vegas trip was planned. Flying back again to Boston, then to Vegas and back to spend 3 weeks in MV. And then back to Miami….

Which leads me to now. I’m all packed and ready to go home for 6-8 months. No more, maybe less ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll still be blogging, tweeting and writing but now from a Caribbean island enjoying warm weather, sunshine and beaches! Roughly counting, I’ve been to 8 city/states this year. I’m so grateful I’ve had all these opportunities and I thank God that more are to come!

Where have to been in the past year? What’s been your favorite city?

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  1. Wow, you have been everywhere! Bonus, you can decide where you would want to live in the US, with all your exploring;-) When you come back in 6 months, you should come check out North Carolina;-)

  2. What an amazing year of adventures! Looking forward to reading about your next set of adventures as well.

    My favorite place in the U.S. is Martha’s Vineyard… What’s not to love. We actually had a slow year for travel in 2010. Mostly spent time in New England States: MA, NY, CT, RI and we also went to NJ. Hoping for more travel in 2011 though ๐Ÿ™‚