After not knowing what to write about, I remembered by failed attempt at a Custard and Caramel Tart. Let’s make this short and sweet because it’s Tuesday and the week is only going to get busier.
Desired Result: Flaky Tart with a bottom layer of Cardamom Caramel, topped with Vanilla Bean Custard (thickened with starch, as to no have to bake it)
Realistic Result: Flaky Tart with a bottom layer of Caramel that liquefied after siting under the moisture-rich Custard.
Findings and Lesson Learned: Custard is a liquid. Caramel will set if not in contact with liquids.
Next time: Tarts will be filled with Custard, cooled in fridge and Caramel will be drizzled “to order”.
Extra Lesson Learned: Don’t bake when you’re sad/mad/angry. Products don’t come out the same. This recipe made my head hurt from start to finish: dough was too sticky, custard took too long to set,  caramel liquefies.
Here I leave you with pictures….of tart making. No end product pictures, of course.

What’s Your Favorite Tart?
What Mistakes Have You Made In The Kitchen? 
How Did You Survive Them?

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  1. I love Lemon Pie or any tart with fruits.
    I have made the same mistakes you have when it comes to making tarts. I have made several others when it comes to bread making, sometimes the dough is too soft and I have to use more flours but then it gets too dry.