After deciding to do a blogging schedule, I wondered: Who will be my first Featured Blogger? I wrote their names down on scraps of paper, threw them into a hat and choose one! Ha, not really but to not play favorites let’s just say that was the MO.

Have you had the pleasure of meeting Terra from Cafe’ terra  ?


She’s a Food Writer and Recipe Developer, with a passion for Food Safety and Chobani. Yes, the yogurt! She even has an ongoing project focused on developing recipes with Chobani and you won’t believe the amazing items you cooks and bakes! I met her via Twitter, but don’t remember the specifics. I’m thinking it might have been through Chef2Chef. Twitterverse is just one big happy family and I’m so glad to have Terra in my time line: she’s caring, smart and makes me laugh!

I decided to make this Featured Blogger day a bit of a project for both parties involved. I’ll introduce you to some amazing people and then you’ll get to read some great answers I’ve asked them and they’ve so graciously emailed me back! Here are Terra’s Answers! Enjoy!

How long have you been blogging?
In February 2010, I decided I wanted to share about my food safety experience. Of course the
blog started off with just food safety in mind, but grew into so much more. About a month after
I started my blog I found out I was moving to Charlotte, North Carolina. With this fun news, I
never really ended up blogging much. When I moved to Charlotte I never expected to meet so
many wonderful bloggers. In July I relaunched my blog, and decided to share my true passion,
food! I am having so much fun as a food writer/recipe developer. With this new love, I have
found out that I love writing, something I never thought I would EVER say.

What inspires your baking/cooking/blogging?

I think the question is – what doesn’t inspire my baking/cooking blogs? Whenever I look at a
recipe – an ad on TV, meals at restaurants – my mind is ALWAYS thinking. I think about how
I can make a recipe healthier. I think about how I can make a recipe my own. I also think about
just devouring that beautiful dish. I find creating a dish peaceful, and relaxing. I love spending
time in the kitchen, next to all my fun kitchen gadgets!
Do you have any blogger pet peeves?
The only thing I can think of is I wish people would make sure to show more pictures during
the cooking process of a dish they make. Just seeing the final product is not enough for me. I
sometimes have questions in a recipe, and if I see some of the pictures in the process of how to
make something, that helps me when preparing the dish.
Last Meal Menu, what you’d have?

Ummmmm….I kinda went out of control when I thought about this one…you ready??? I love
homemade pizza, with homemade crust of course, topped with pepperoni, mushrooms, and green
olives, and maybe some Mexican style pizza. I love olives, so a bowl of green and black olives,
and some cheese to munch on. Banana cream pie cheesecake from Cheesecake factory, OH
MY YUM!!! And I have to have some gummy bears, and sour patch kids to make the meal end
right. I have such a sweet tooth, just like my dad, I have to end my meal with something sweet!
I believe that is all….
I loved reading all these answers and getting to know her better and I hope you did too.
Thanks Terra for being my first Featured Blogger! 
Tweet her @CafeTerraBlog for recipes, laughs and motivation! She’s an amazing person;
Visit her over at  to read her blog;
Check out her Facebook Page also!

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind words!!! I really am happy we met, you are such a beautiful soul:-) I look forward to getting to know you more:-)