Dominican Fried Treats

The picture depicts a variety of Dominican snacks/party treats and they are:

  • “Quipe” Stuffed Bulgar Wheat  Pocket is the best way to describe them. Stewed ground beef is stuffed in previously soaked Bulgar Wheat and seasonings, formed and then deep-fried. Some people stuff a raisin in the meat pocket, but I HATE finding that raisin. NO thanks, keep raisins where they belong: Cinnamon-Raisin Bread!
  • “Pastelito de Pollo” Chicken Turnovers are made with a flaky crust and stuffed with different fillings: chicken, cheese and tomato sauce, pork or beef. I like taking a bite out of one and then have a bite of a Croquette. Yup!
  • “Croqueta de Pollo” Chicken Croquettes, although not originally from the DR have made their way into our snacks! Made from shredded chicken, a binder such as eggs, Bechamel or breadcrumbs, breaded and then deep-fried. The crispy outside with a creamy inside….Need I say more?!
  • “Turquito de Res” Beef Puff Pastry Turnovers are tall and flaky, normally topped with a sweet glaze to offer a great balance between sweet and savory. When you bite into one, the sweet layer sticks to the roof of your mouth!
  • “Tartico de Queso”  Cheese and Veggie Mini-Tarts are a great addition to the party snacks because they’re a bit more delicate then the deep-fried goodness above. You can fill them with anything you have on hand, such as cheese, vegetables, ham, seafood!

These snacks and more are typically served at kid’s birthday parties and small friends get-togethers. They’re catered by any of the bakeries in Santo Domingo and typically cost $20-30 pesos (Current currency rate is US$1= RD$37). So, less than a dollar an item! I like to accompany them with a cafe con leche, rounding out the meal perfectly!

Yes, deep-fried snacks are delicious. No, you shouldn’t consume them everyday. For recipes on how to make great Dominican snacks and more, visit Aunt Clara’s site “Dominican Cooking”
What’s your favorite deep-fried snack?

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One Comment

  1. Do fries count as a “deep-fried snack”?
    If not, I’d have to go with fried dough dusted with powdered sugar…. The carnival Elephant Ear 🙂
    Soooo yummy and sinful. Good thing they’re only available in the summer.