My love for bread is deep. Deeper than the Atlantic Ocean, I swear. Not only do I enjoy the art of making and baking breads but eating it is all too satisfying. Oh, you don’t eat carbs you say? Oh, you gave up bread for Lent you say? What’s that I hear?…You’re on a diet and bread is the root of all evil, you say? To you I say, TOUGH LUCK! If by choice or diet you have chosen to not consume this 8th wonder of the world, than I have to say, even if I shouldn’t (cause it’s my blog and I write what I want to), that I am deeply sorry for your lose and I pity your soul. Yup, that’s right. I said it. To me, you are less of a human being. Yup, this might get me in trouble. Nop, I love you the same…but less somehow.
Ok, ok. I digress. Bread! It’s pretty amazing how simple ingredients such as flour, yeast, water and salt create excellence. What’s better than hot rolls with a pat of butter melting into it? A fit body, you say? A thin waist, a smaller tummy? I say, NO THANKS. If I have to give up bread to be thin, then I choose to NOT be thin. (Sorry M. You’ll love me either way, right honey?)
I’m ranting. I know. You can stop reading if you want to. Go look at some pictures. Sorry, but bread is my thing. Kneading dough is pretty awesome. During our Advanced Breads class our Chef asked us what your favorite thing about bread was. Normal answers were said “Good Crust…Crunchy Ends…Airy Crumb…”and when the question reached me I responded with “I like raw dough, before the baking starts.” My chef starred at me and so did my classmates. Raw Dough? Yes. Raw dough is what I love. I love to shape it and I absolutely ADORE the smell of fermentation. Gimme a ball of dough any day and I will be happy. 

All In: Flour, Salt, Sugar, Yeast
Mise en Place: Dry, Eggs&Water, Melted Butter
Always: Wet on bottom, Dry on top! Mix!
Supple dough, my love. I love you.
When is butter TOO much? Not now, not ever.
Happy Campers


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  1. Well I know how you also feel about butter… but there are some doughs that are just so luscious that I want to cuddle with them! That’s right – take them right out of the mixer and cuddle! Like this one dough – peanut butter chocolate chip bread….so cuddle worthy!

  2. I love everything related to breads too. From mixing the ingredients to shaping them to eating them with tons of butter. 😀 Every time I bake I am a happy kid!