This Boston blog post will actually be sliced into 3! I don’t want to bore you with long, never ending delicious posts 😉 Enjoy!
Breakfast in Bed

Where? Nine Zero Hotel Room Service
Why? Because sometimes it feels great to have breakfast in bed, specially in fancy hotels and even more so if they have Eggs Benedict on the menu.
What? Eggs Benedict, Home Fries and a Cappuccino. The coffee, served in a huge red mug, was just the perfect ratio milk to coffee; the Home Fries lacked salt but I adjusted it. They were sauteed with onions and red peppers, a great addition; the eggs were perfectly poached, served on English muffin, Canadian bacon, and sauteed spinach. The Hollandaise on the other hand, was awful: gritty, too yellow, not creamy at all. This did not prevent me from eating them, but not the best Hollandaise.

Samuel Adams Brewery Tour

Where? 30 Germania Street, Boston, MA
Why? To learn about the process of beer brewing and to taste some of the best beer (free beer!) in Boston.
What? This is probably one of the best things to do in Boston, and it’s free! After learning about the brewing process, ingredients and Sam Adams history, we were lead into the Tasting Room where we tried 3 kinds of beer: Boston Lager, Noble Pilsner, and Chocolate Bock. I’d never had any of them and it was refreshing to taste beer and have a guided tasting with a brew guide. I’d be lying if I wrote what each of them tasted like, but let me just state that the Chocolate Bock was my favorite! Made from dark roasted malt and cocoa nibs, so what’s not to love? Fun Fact: the cocoa nibs use for this year’s Chocolate Bock were sourced from Ecuador and provided by the one and only TCHO Chocolates, a favorite of mine located in San Francisco, CA.
Hops are chosen by rubbing them between your hands and evaluating the aroma
Chocolate Malt, no Chocolate just deeply roasted
Boston Lager
Noble Pilsner
Chocolate Bock
Where? 3484 Washington Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130.
Why? Because it’s located 5 minutes from the Sam Adams Brewery and a party trolley takes you there for free every 15 minutes departing from the brewery! So, why not?! 
What? Chilli with Cornbread, Sam Adam’s Beer Battered Onion Rings and a Reuben. I’m hungry writing about it. Highlights? The sweet cornbread with butter and the Reuben. I didn’t care much for the onion rings!
Thinking Cup
Where? 165 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02111
Why? Freezing temperatures = Cranky Baker. But I swear, I’m not cranky all the time! But coffee does put me in a great mood and this coffee shop seemed like a great place to try.
What? A hot chocolate with two shots of espresso for me and 2 shots of espresso for M.
Peace, Love and Good Food!

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  1. I love the name of the coffee house, “Thinkingcup,” so cute!!! Reading your Boston blogs makes me want to be there:-) I keep telling hubby I want to eventually live in Boston, I love it soooo much:-)

  2. You totally need to do the Sam Adams tour! So awesome and plus whatever you donate for the tour goes directly 100% to local charities!

  3. yum, yum and more yum.
    Nearly every food you posted is on my fav. list. (I’m not a hollandaise fan). And I LOVE Sam Adams. Hubs and I must do the tour next time we’re in Boston!
    I never thought of hot chocolate w/ espresso. must try.