Continuing our Vegas Food Trip, after a long night of walking up and down the Strip, we walked through the Wynn and Encore Hotels basically to escape the cold winds outside. Both the Wynn and Encore are beautiful hotels, with great decorations all throughout. The celebration of the Chinese New Year made every detail a bright red accent in huge and elegant rooms that were endless! We were tired and seeking nourishment (well, not really. I saw the awesome bar/restaurant setting and convinced M. to grab a drink and a bite to eat with me. He’s the best, never saying no to good food and drinks!)

Red Love
Mosaic Designs
BRAISED SHORT RIB PANINO. Trio of Balsamic Glazed Onions, Bel Paese Cheese
BOSCO • Roasted Mushroom Puree, White Truffle Oil, Ricotta Cheese

 WARM DONUTS.  Fried Crispy, stuffed with Nutella and served with Whipped Cream

Stratta is located in the Wynn Hotel and we were lucky enough to find out they had a Late Night Bar Menu (it was after midnight I think, so our options were few, even in Vegas!)

Meal Commentaries
Pizza: I had never tried Robiola Cheese and loved it. It’s extremely creamy and luscious, my favorite type of cheese. The typical tomato sauce is replaced with a Roasted Mushroom Puree and the idea is fabulous. The yeasty dough and the earthiness of the mushrooms are a great addition to the cheese, finished with great Truffle Oil.
Panino: As I’ve said before, Braised Pork is my addiction. This Panino had maybe a pound of this melt in your mouth pork, topped with topped with red onions and Bel Paese cheese, another cheese I had not tried before. The pork meat was so rich, even a bit too much for myself. But the bread carried it through, though the bottom slice was getting a bit soggy. Maybe I wasn’t eating it fast enough? Ha! The onions cut through the richness and I would have loved to see more of that, maybe a more vinegary onion relish to cut through the fat richness.
Doughnuts: Anything Nutella I have to try and these Warm doughnuts sung out to me. We received them in a metal basket with golden tissue paper and the doughnuts set on top. The menu did not specify they were made with a ricotta dough, making them a bit heavier then I prefer my doughnuts and they flavored it with an essence I could not place my finger on. I thought and thought because it was a known flavor (and one I don’t appreciate it much) but after going back and forth with M. I realized what it was: ALMOND EXTRACT! Finally! And this is my issue with it: when overly used, it’s a horrible flavor to my palate. It even overshadowed the NUTELLA! Can you believe that?! So, not my best recommendation for dessert but a good concept either way. Oh, it was served with a flavored whipped cream but I don’t remember the flavoring in it.
Great late night menu, including pizzas and larger entrees so if you are close by and hungry late night this is a great spot to stop by. Oh, the website says casual business wear and yes, most people there were extremely well dressed but when you’ve walked the Strip all day and it’s cold outside the last thing I wanted to do was dress up. So showing up in jeans, sneakers and sweater is perfectly fine. Even if I don’t look like a million bucks at times, I ACT like a million bucks ALL THE TIME! Peace and Good Food!

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