I couldn’t go to Vegas and not explore its sweet side! Even though a bit more informally and just popping in and out of each shop, buying a few things here and there made this trip even sweeter. I love that almost every hotel has a pastry shop/cupcake shop/chocolate shop/cafe where guests can refresh themselves with a jolt of caffeine and pastry. Chef Jean Phillipe has a shop in Aria and the Bellagio, both amazing sites to set your eyes on. You can find his treats at http://www.jpchocolates.com/
At the Bellagio, Jean Phillipe also has achieved the World’s Largest Chocolate Fountain, an amazing display of constantly flowing chocolate. Amazing to witness!
In the Monte Carlo Hotel is “The Cupcakery“, a cute bakery! Cupcakes of course being their forte, the variety is huge and I found my favorite: Coco Frauline! Quoted from their site “Dark chocolate cake stuffed full of traditional German Chocolate goodies… creamy coconut and pecan gooeyness. The little darling is covered with 5 layers of chocolate ganache and rolled in crushed Texas pecans. A must for any chocolate connoisseur or nut lover.” You can check out their site at http://www.thecupcakerycorp.com/
 In Caesar’s Palace, the great master Payard resides. Francois Payard is a world renowned pastry chef and cookbook author. This shop blew my mind! I knew Payard is known for his Macaroons, so I knew I had to try them. Scouring the shelves, I don’t see them! AH! I turned to ask the counter person and what do you know? He was just bringing out a sheet tray filled with a rainbow of fresh macaroons!!! Just my luck! I bought:
-Macaroons (chocolate, coconut, pistachio, passion fruit, strawberry): they were text book perfect and the fillings were intensely flavored. My favorite? Passion Fruit and Chocolate. Small round cookies with a crunchy but soft shell made with almond flour, sugar and egg whites, and filled with a creamy ganache.”-Payard
-Marshmallow Stick: Not your regular marshmallow, but COCA COLA flavored marshmallow. It was great to try this creation, very much like drinking a Coke.
-Almonds: “handmade Almond Givrettes, are caramelized almonds roasted to a golden crunch, coated in 74% dark chocolate, and lightly dusted in powdered sugar.”-Payard. These crunchy almonds were (and still are) delicious! The roasting makes them even better, and the coatings are light and thin, nothing too chunky. Very delicate…
-Caramels: a 4 piece set of caramels I still have not gotten into yet but surely will soon enough!
 Max Brenner, the Bald Man. A chocolate shop/restaurant found in various cities in the US, Max Brenner is a great stop to just feel inspire by all of his colorful packaging, inventive truffles and free tastings! I didn’t get anything edible but got their “Hug Mug”. I swear, I’m obsessed with the idea of this! Specially designed for the hot chocolate drinking ceremony, it is shaped to fit perfectly between both hands. A cold night on the couch and just sipping from this mug is an ideal winter night. I leave you with a colorful display of all the Las Vegas sweetness I encountered. Enjoy and go back something sweet!
The Cupcakery, Monte Carlo Hotel
Cupcakery Store Front! Love their artwork!
At the Bellagio
Jean Phillipe Pastries at the Bellagio Hotel
Chocolates and Confections by Jean Phillipe
Breads and Pastries by Jean Phillipe
Nuts, Palmiers, Meringues by Jean Phillipe
Top Shot of the Laminated Pastries
Chocolate Dress and ceiling design
Gelato Shop at the Paris Hotel
Macaroons, Caramels, Marshmallow, Almonds by Payard
Hug Mug by Max Brenner
Jean Phillipe Pastries
Chocolates by Jean Phillipe at the Aria Hotel
Chocolates by Jean Phillipe at the Aria Hotel
Chocolates by Jean Phillipe at the Aria Hotel
Confections  by Jean Phillipe at the Aria Hotel
Gelatos by Jean Phillipe at the Aria Hotel
Chocolate Flowers by Jean Phillipe at the Aria Hotel
Even the Starbucks have adorable cupcakes!

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